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What is Professional Teeth Whitening ?

Blair Custom Professional Teeth Whitening offers a more brighter and lighter smile , from 3 to 8 shades lighter.Teeth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is very common cosmetic procedure. Overtime the teeth enamel can get discolored due to drinking and eating habits. Professional teeth whitening is also able to brighten the area of your teeth closest to the gums, and even the spaces between your teeth. You will be able to get a brighter smile in one hour.

How often should I get teeth Whitening ?

Whitening is not a one time  procedure. It will need to be repeated from time to time depending on the person if you want to maintain the brighter color. Teeth whitening is only done on real teeth. It is not suitable for fake teeth or dentures.

What are the most common reasons for teeth to get stained or yellow :

  1. Using tobacco
  2. Drinking liquids such as coffee, cola, tea
  3. Not taking proper care of your teeth
  4. Age, translucency and thickness

How is the procedure done ?

  1. Our office staff goes over the procedure
  2. Your lips and gums are protected
  3. Professional Gel is Applied
  4. A light activates the gel
  5. The procedure last 45 mins

Looking for a teeth whitening spa in Houston?

At our med spa, you’ll generally discover cordial, proficient staff that will go out of their way to guarantee that your visit to Blair Med Spa is a delightful one!

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Starting price per session $99 

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