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A “natural” process of facial rejuvenation! – You have already heard the entire buzz about microneedling, it is among the most famous, and one of the effective facial rejuvenation methods available. However were you aware that it is an entirely non-harmful, similar to a sort of naturopathic treatment that works by tricking the face into rejuvenating itself? The microscopic needle treatment, close to high-tech acupuncture for the face – stimulates the skin to ramp up its collagen production, enhance its elastic tone and smoothes the surface. No laser “burning” away the skin, no incisions and no cuts. no harsh chemicals to strip away the face. There may be nothing to “heal”, however the changes are “physical”!

Reasonable Cost! – Microneedling is one of the most economical facial rejuvenation methods on hand, certainly for what it could actually accomplish when compared to identical options. A series of 6 therapies for a full facial rejuvenation application would mostly be within the $200 -$300 range per session. Examine this to a single session of full facial laser resurfacing – sometimes a $2,000 – $3,000 rate. Comparable outcome, drastically less risk, a lot less difficult to undergo, a dramatically shorter recovery time and far much less priced than the laser – sounds like we have a winner in this in competition!

Works fast … Also goes a long way! – Even though noticeable progress is frequently recognized within one – two weeks of one’s very first microneedling therapy, outcome and progress will proceed to achieve momentum for many weeks afterwards. Actually, after a series (six seems to be the magic perfect effective number for many people), rejuvenating/remodeling optimistic changes will continue for some 6 – 12 months!

Safe for all ethnicities! Microneedling has a high measure of security for every race – untoward pigmentation changes following remedy are unheard of. This makes microneedling an ultimate option compared to chemical peels or lasers, each of which have identified dangers for leaving both greatly lighter or darker irregular, patchy areas after the epidermis recovers! This color altering risk turns into even more of a drawback when lasers are utilized in just one region (e.g. for traces around the lips/mouth) because only a mild color change would stand out against untreated areas. Regional microneedling therapies are very trendy as they bring about well-nigh zero risk for this terrible complication.

Consider a Pro! All microneedling procedures are not equal! You would not want to go to a non-certified plastic surgeon to get facelift would you? Legitimate microneedling is most capably and safely carried out through a certified aesthetician working alongside a health care provider as a team player of an aesthetic medical practice. It is in this kind of environment that you can rest assured that with the level of excellent equipment used, experience, expertise and post-op care. And what about that personal evaluation/consultation earlier? Despite the fact that microneedling is first-class, some objectives could require an alternative as a more preferred choice. Blair Med spa have the ones, most experienced and properly qualified to support you navigate that decision process. You can book your appointment online by clicking the button below.