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LED Light Therapy is suitable,for treating several types of skin issues.Studies have suggested that this treatment can reduce face wrinkles,rough skin the shallowness of the skin and hyper pigmentation. The LED light therapy increases both the proliferation and the initial production of collagen. A few studies have suggested this therapy can eradicate bacteria that can cause dark spots and acne out breaks. It can also help get rid of breakouts and help reduce acne scars.

BLUE LIGHT (415nm)

This setting lets the energy penetrate from the device with about 0.5 mm to the skin. Its a good to use for rashes and also suitable for a sensitive and oily skin. The blue light helps reduce acne and tighten the skin. It can inhibit inflammation and get rid of harmful bacteria that can cause breakouts. Best setting for Acne prone skin & Acne scars.


This setting works with mixed skin complexion and it will help to brighten and lighten hyper pigmented skin. Helps the skin achieve a even tone. Gives dull skin a brightening boost. Studies show that Green Light Therapy can help drain the faces natural lymphatic system. It can also give relief from mental stress which helps the client relax.

RED LIGHT( 630nm)

This setting allows the device to penetrate into the skin deeper. The Red light penetrates into the skin for about 8-10mm, which stimulates the cells under the layer. Many fiber cells can stimulate and aid them in the production of collagen. It reduces wrinkles to make the skins elastic smooth eliminating wrinkles. It is ideal for improving the skin around the eyes and forehead area. It works well to cut down on fine lines and wrinkles. Those who need to repair damaged skin will need to opt for this setting.

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