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Hair Restoration & Hair Transplant Treatment

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Baldness or hair loss can be a humiliating issue, which significantly impacts the way you look and feel about yourself in general.
Often time’s baldness and hair loss can leave you feeling helpless and disappointed apart from incurring the physical damage. While there are numerous different alternatives, for example, professionally prescribed medications and surgical treatments, these choices are costly, convey the potential for undesirable symptoms and don’t treat the main cause.

What is Hair Restoration?

Hair reclamation can be achieved by PRP treatment as it has natural outcomes. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is infused into your scalp using a fine needle. At that point, the development factors in your platelets carry out their activity and hair development is normally animated. It is an injectable treatment which utilizes the patient’s own particular blood.
PRP contains remarkable cells called Platelets that can hypothetically cause the development of the hair follicles by invigorating the undeveloped cells. These unique Platelet cells advance recuperating, quickens the rate and level of tissue regeneration and healing, reacts to damage, and formation of new cell development. The main role of utilizing PRP in hair reclamation is to invigorate dull or recently embedded hair follicles into an effective development stage.
Platelets have numerous intracellular structures, for example, starch, alpha granules and lysosomes. These granules inside the PRP contain thickening and development factors that are in the long run discharged amid the repair and healing process.

How does Hair Restoration work?
Platelet-Rich Protein (PRP) for Hair Restoration includes your very own basic infusion platelets into the vascular layer of your scalp. In doing this, PRP for hair regrowth:

• Builds blood supply to the follicle, empowering development
• Expands thickness
• Triggers the development period of every follicle
• Diminishes Hair Loss

What is the recovery time needed after Hair Restoration treatment?
There is no extended recovery procedure, in short, there is zero downtime to this procedure. You may take a warmed bath the night of your therapy. You should prevent intense colorings or chemicals on the hair, such as gel or hairspray, for at least Two days.

Looking for the best Hair Restoration Treatment in Houston?

At Blair Med Spa we offer Hair Restoration Treatment which is brisk, successful, secure and does not have any symptoms. So how would we accomplish these amazing outcomes? We invest constantly in the headway of our particular specialized treatments of hair loss. You do need to act quickly to expand your odds of progress, yet when you do, you can anticipate a 99% chance of favorable outcome.

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