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Eyelash Extension

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extension is a semi-permanent and painless method to enhance your lashes fuller, longer, thicker and curlier! Each fiber is adhered to your natural lash, one by one, with medical grade adhesive that is produced in a FDA-certified facility in the US. It is the most sterile on the market today. 

How long do they last?

Typically, Eyelash Extensions last approximately 3-6 weeks and may vary for each individual. Factors such as the ones below may lessen the life of your extensions.

Natural Process of Shedding: Naturally, every hair on our body follows a specific growth cycle, including our eyelashes. Our body sheds skin and hair, including our natural lashes, every 1 to 4 months. It typically takes between 1 to 2 months to fully replace an eyelash. We do not have control of this as this is a way for your body to renew itself. Also, each natural lash has a different life cycle. One lash may grow faster than the one next to it.

Facial Services, Steamers & Saunas: Avoid acidic facials such as Chemical, Alpha and/or Beta Hydroxy peels as it will dissolve the adhesive bond. Make sure your facial cleanser’s ingredients do not include any acids. Steamers and Saunas should also be avoided as well.

Oily Skin: The golden rule to remember to prolong the life of your extensions is any type of oil, including oil that your skin produces, is the natural enemy of the adhesive bond. Cleansing daily is a must. Use an oil-free makeup remover to cleanse the eyes and lashes gently with a lint-free brush or pad. When washing your face, wash around the eyes as your facial cleanser may contain oil and pat dry.

Side & Stomach Sleepers: Even if you do not have any Eyelash Extensions on, you will notice more shedding on the side you sleep on making your lashes sparse. As professionals, we will try to make your extensions even as possible.

Having a tendency to Pull, Touch, and/or Rub eyes: Pulling on lashes may damage your natural lashes from growing. If you constantly touch your lashes, you may be transferring oil to your lashes and oil will loosen the adhesive bond. Because the lashes are so light in weight, some clients forget that they have Eyelash Extensions on and may rub their eyes. Please refrain for pulling, touching, or rubbing the eyes to prolong the life of your Eyelash Extensions.

Mascaras, Eyeliners, Heat Curlers & Manual Eyelash Curlers: After getting Eyelash Extensions, most clients do not have the need to wear mascara or eyeliner and it is not recommended, but if want a more dramatic look, only use mascara and eyeliner that is formulated for Eyelash Extensions. For mascara, apply a very thin coat to the tip of your lashes. Never use waterproof mascaras, heat curlers and manual lash curlers as it will damage the extensions.

What is the application process like and how long is it? Classic Full Set

Please Arrive 10 min before your scheduled appt to fill out waiver & policy. Accepting new clients -2 Hours for a full set BLAIRMEDSPA Policy: Full Set of Lash extensions are subject to last up to 2-3 weeks. You have 3 days to report any issues regarding your lash service, and by exceeding this time frame you are responsible for a mini fill or full refill ranging from $25-$55.
1 hour 40 minutes $150

Classic Refill

Refill Requirements – Must come in for a Full set prior to the Fill. Anything past 3 weeks will be charged as a full set
1 hour 10 minutes $55

Refill From Another Lash Studio

Refills from other lash artist are accepted. You must follow these requirements 1. Obtain at least 40% of the lash extensions 2. Come in with clean lashes. Disclaimer- if We cannot perform a refill due to the extent of the lashes, you will be required to pay for a full set.
1 hour 15 minutes Starting at $75

Lash removal

We safely remove the extensions without damaging the natural lashes.
25 minutes $25

Volume Lash Extensions (full set)

Please call to book Volume Lash extensions are subject to last 2-3 weeks, you can maintain these lashes for as long as you want by returning for refills every 2-3 weeks. No mascara or eyelash curler is required. balir Policy: You have 3 days to report any issues regarding your lash service, and by exceeding this time frame you are responsible for a mini fill or full refill ranging from $25-$55. Who should get a volume set? This technique is great for individuals who have little to no lashes, or someone who wants a more dramatic effect.
3 hours $250

Volume Lash Extension (refill)

R e q u i r e m e n t s Refills are done every 2-3 weeks. Anything past 3 weeks is no longer a refill, returning clients MUST obtain at least 50% of lashes to be considered for a lashes to be considered for a Volume Refill . PLEASE BE AWARE IF YOU ARE UPGRADING FROM CLASSIC TO VOLUME IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU PAY THE DIFFERENCE
1 hour 45 minutes $100

What is the recommendation for refills?

Depending on your natural growth and how well the extensions are maintained, we recommend refills (touch-ups) every 2 to 3 weeks.

I wear contacts, will it still be safe?

Wearing contacts during the application process is perfectly safe. The extension is not applied to the skin, but just to your natural lashes. If you still feel uneasy, no problem as we have contact cases and solution for your convenience.

What kind of products do you use?

Extensions: BLAIR only uses the best quality products. We offer four different types of extensions: Synthetic, and Real Mink.
Adhesive: Our adhesive is produced in a FDA-certified facility in the US. Versus the traditional liquid adhesive most spas use, our adhesive is a gel-type that creates a seamless application and provides clients more flexibility. It also contains no formaldehyde. Your lashes will never sound crunchy and have black flakes fall off when brushing, just nice and smooth. If you have sensitive eyes, we have you covered with our Fume-Free adhesive also in gel-type produced in the same FDA-certified facility in the US. Just to further ensure no irritation occurs for sensitive eyes, we have silicone under eye patches.

Is your salon safe and clean?

Definitely! Linens are changed out and we sanitize our implements before we start on any new client. All technicians are under strict orders to sanitize their hands before touching clients as well. We hate germs!

Can I transfer to your salon for a refill / touch up?

Yes, but our 72-hour promise will not apply as we cannot guarantee our work on existing extensions. It’s best to show up in person to book your appointment so one of our techs can examine your extensions and reserve the appropriate time for your appointment. If we believe your existing extensions are in bad condition, we will recommend them to be removed and a fresh new set to be applied another time. A current picture will be taken and a full explanation will be provided. See picture below. The client just wanted a refill which possibly could not be done with the time she previously reserved. Luckily, the tech gladly stayed after hours to remove and apply a brand new beautiful set.

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