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Dark Skin Laser Hair Removal

At Blair Med Spa we have the latest technology in hair removal, We have a dual wavelength laser that has the ND YAG 1064nm laser that is suitable for dark skin. It safely and effectively removes hair from the dark skin. The Nd:YAG laser can be used to treat all skin types without damaging pigment. The zimmer cooling treatment tip ensures patients’ comfort while delivering an effective amount of energy to eliminate unwanted hair. Nd:Yag, which uses the longest wavelength available for hair removal. This wavelength allows darker skin to be treated on higher settings without disrupting natural skin color. Because dark skin has very coarse hair that is curved, this will usually cause painful and irritated razor bumps. At Blair Med Spa we treat many dark skin clients and help them achieve beautiful flawless skin, safely and effectively. Typically a series of 6-8 sessions are required for optimal clearing of unwanted hair and can vary based on the treatment area or hair and skin type.

  1. Effective
  2. Safe
  3. Pain-free
  4. Permanent hair reduction results
  5. No skin damage
  6. Any Area of the face and body
  7. No more painful ingrown hair

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